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[Review] Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM DA from OC + comparing to authentic

2019.04.06 05:10 InnaNina [Review] Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM DA from OC + comparing to authentic

Hi ladies! I’ve found this awesome thread not long ago while searching for info about auth and per pieces differences. English is not my first language, so please excuse my mistakes and not rich vocabulary. Sorry for long review. I’m also going to compare the bag to ma auth one.
So let’s start this review. I own couple authentic LV pieces including Neverfull MM in DE. I bought mine years ago just when then started selling them only with a pouch/wristlet. The price was lower as well back them. I haven’t wore my auth Neverfull much since then but def not regretting spending money on it. At the same time I’ve always wanted one in DA but considering possibility of color transfer and ugly patina on vachetta leather, I’m not willing to spend money on this version. That’s why I decided to get a rep. I wanted one that’s not calloutable. After some searching and reading many reviews in here I decided to place an order with OC.
Seller: Old Cobbler, on TS list
Price: $150, DHL Express shipping included
Payment: paid with my CC through DHgate link provided by seller. Payment processed and cleared few later even though it was my very first purchase in there and I just signed up a day before it. Read that some ladies from here had problems with processing their payment. Fortunately mine went through smoothly.
Timeline: 3/22/2019 Contacted OC via email with his yupoo website link enclosed. I expressed interest in Neverfull and asked if by any chance he had a long strap for LV Eva for sale as well. Got a response within an hour with payment options (money transfer or DHgate store).
3/24/2019 Was sent DHgate link and placed my order. Sent him my order number as he asked before.
3/26/2019 Got DHL tracking number.
3/29/2019 Package arrived safe and sound. Signature upon delivery was originally requested but I changed it as no one was home and I wasn’t worried about someone taking the package.
PHOTOS: My photos
PSP: The only photo I got was the one from yupoo.
Factory photos
QUALITY-Rating: 8.75/10. I’ve never owned a DA piece, so I’m not sure if the color is passable but I believe it is. Did some reach and found out that older pieces used to be more closer to white but newer canvas is more beige like. The date code is AR1158. I think the bag is slightly heavier than auth one and I know why. I would say it has some kind of rubbery feel (-1). It’s not too much but that’s exactly how I really when comparing to auth canvas. Leather straps and trim seem to be really dry (-0.25). The bag is softer than auth, therefore the rubbery feel. Canvas is dull, but that could be changed by applying lexol. Straps are a lil harder than auth but not stiff to scratch as someone mentioned about theirs from the same seller. Unfortunately the pouch/pochette/wristlet is noticeably softer then auth. IMO the stitching is well done, zippers work and they look like authentic. They’re not as hefty as auth but they are not plastic. Also the bag can stand on its own and straps move as auth ones. I noticed these were common issues with many reps.
ACURACY-rating: 8.75/10. As I mentioned before stitching is well done. The stamp looks pretty good to me. Alignment is correct. Zipper on the inside pocket and on pouch is matte as on auth one. Date code is on right spot. Didn’t really compare the font as I personally don’t care and no one is gonna see or look for that. A lil rubbery dull canvas is the most noticeable difference for me when it comes to bag itself (-1). Another difference is the details on the strap’s hardware (-0.25). I don’t know how to name it but you can check on the pic when I compare it with auth. Again it’s not something that would bother me as no one is going to check and compare. Glazing looks pretty okay to me. It’s not shiny nor cherry red. The pouch on the other hand is not as good as the bag. It’s visibly softer. Including pics comparing to auth. Also I’ve noticed it’s slightly bigger. One would think you wouldn’t know without comparing side to side but you can actually see that the bottom line of squares shows entire square instead of being cut shorter. I’m not going to deduct points for pouch as my main focus is on bag itself.
I’m grateful for quick answers and fast shipping. I was a little disappointed that he didn’t provide pictures of real bag before sending. He only sent me one pic which was from his yupoo. Also completely ignored my question about Eva strap. In conclusion I would say I’m going to order from him again in the future.
SATISFACTION-rating: 9/10.
I realize a rep can’t be just like auth one and I’m satisfied with this one. I’m going to wear it confidently. I’ve started the patina process by putting oil on leather parts and letting bag sit in sun for some time. I believe this bag can be shaped a lil by stuffing it and hanging in order for straps to stay the way you want them to be.
I’m happy with my purchase and choosing my next rep to buy very soon.
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2018.09.29 15:45 ihatejoemcCarthy Trump and the Republicans will lose it all like in 2012 if they don't withdraw Kavanaugh's nomination before F.B.I. agents start questioning Mark Judge. These idiots should remember how Todd Akin destroyed G.O.P.'s chances in 2012's election by approving "Legitimate Rape".

As per their editorial in today's NYT called "Maybe America Can Now Learn the Truth" that also said this "Thank you, Jeff Flake", the editors have literally sharpened their attack on the rest of the Republican Senators.
Like us, the editors of NYT are asking Trump and G.O.P. Senators to do the right thing," Revoke Brett Kavanaugh's aplication right now. "
Actually more than half of all the citizens of the country want 51 G.O.P. Senators to scrap Kavanaugh's nomination.
Millions of concerned Americans are now demanding from Trump and the G.O.P Senators to either withdraw Brett Kavanaugh's nomination for Justice Kennedy's vacant spot in the S.C.O.T.U.S. or face a real catastrophe in the upcoming midterms in November.
In fact Trump and the Republicans will act really stupid if they don't withdraw the nomination of Kavanaugh before F.B.I. agents start questioning Mark Judge and six other associates of Brett Kavanaugh.
Most probably our F.B.I. agents will give serious consideration to three other women's claims too that our candidate for Supreme Court possibly attempted to molest them.
And as we heard on tv Mr. Kavanaugh flashed his member to Ms. Ramirez in Yale in 1983 and gang raped a young Ms. Julie Swetnick while she passed out from date rape drugs.
But it really sounds so strange that these idiots from the Republican party forgot their own experience from their Senate race in 2012.
Yes, it seems like these G.O.P. Bozos have no memory of how their Senatorial candidate from Missouri Todd Akin created his own debacle in that year's election when he supported 'legitimate rape'.
By talking like an unconcerned male, the G.O.P. candidate Mr. Akin who at that time was a member of the House of Representative in Washington , said something like this on local television on August 19, 2012, "Women who're raped don't get pregnant because the female body has a way to shut that whole thing down."
Now who could talk like that other than Republicans ?
The only reason Republican candidates for Congress or for the vacant post of Supreme Court will talk like that because of their incoherent ignorance about how women think about their bodies and their reproductive organs.
Just saying that our country's women do not know how to preserve their dignities is the utmost stupidity or any other similar adjectives I can add against all the Republicans.
Republican Senators who didn't have any decency to ask any questions to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford while she was honestly stating the fact "with 100% acuracy that it was Brett Kavanaugh and his drinking buddy Mark Judge who piled on me and removed my clothes one night in the summer of 1982."
She also testified without a flinch that these 17 year old totally "Wasted" males removed her upper clothes and tried to take off her swimming costume 3 times while she was just a 15 years old girl.
The only reason she came out uncathed was because on their third attempts " Mark Judge jumped on the bed so hard that all three of us tumbled on the ground. And that gave me a chance to escape from that bed room first. And then the house after 10 minutes of waiting in the bathroom."
We also heard straight from Dr. Ford's mouth that they attempted to rape her not once but three times while our nominee for S.C.O.T.U.S. was totaly intoxicated.
But what did the Republican Senators do after Dr. Blasey Ford's tearful testimony ?
These unapologetic bunch of Republican Senators except Jeff Flake behaved in the most sexist way by letting a woman prosecutor ask a stupid question to Dr. Ford even after knowing that she was an attempted rape victim. She asked Ms. Ford "How did you go home that night after you said you were molested ?"
Every Americans have enough senses except these Republican clowns to know that a fifty-one year old woman may not have a mental capacity to remember how she went to her home 36 years back after escaping from 2 suspected rapists.
"Does it really matter, you morons ?"
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2018.08.24 12:42 Skorosov GPS innacuaracy

I have an unlocked Moto G Play 4th gen on 7.1.1 (Stock) and since some time my GPS has become absolutily useless. Spain.
On Google maps it gives me an acuracy of a two kilometer radius and with GPS Test (which I use for work) it gets up to 24 satellites in view, but wont get a fix or attempt to establish contections.
Currently I'm on vacation but when I get back to Uni I'll need my GPS functioning as I'm doing work on the field (need to take coordinates notes) and really can't afford to change devices.
Saw a couple of posts relating to this issue but no solutions seem to have been offered. (Post dating to 4 months ago).
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2014.07.15 17:23 DonCytron [13"][France][<1400€] Ultraportable powerfull enough for CAD, engineering, photo/video editing, gaming

Hi ! I know I am asking for the impossible, but I am looking for an utraportable laptop (thin, <4lbs, >6hrs battery life) that could support 3D CAD engineering, photo/video editing and gaming.
Another challenge is that I am leaving the country first week of august so I need to get it before that.
I was thinking of buying the ASUS UX303LN, but the uncertainty on the release date and configurations is too high (plus it seems that there are issues with the screen..).
I plan on keeping this machine for years, so I would prefer something reliable. And with a good screen quality (color acuracy matters).
Thanks ! :)
Would you pay a premium for something that has:
List any features that are critical: (e.g. Optical drive, USB 3.0, SD card slot, ethernet port, HDMI port, bluetooth, VGA port, removable battery, glossy screen, matte screen, etc.)
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